Although there’s hardly a shortage of stuff to read and see at Club 25, there’s plenty more to discover in the way of football shirts on the web. Below you’ll find some of our favourite destinations, which all come highly recommend!

1 is the prime destinations for purveyors of English and Scottish kits throughout the ages, with further galleries pertaining to the US, Northern Ireland, and Wales to enjoy. Author Dave Moor’s painstaking research and effort, in conjunction with many contributors, makes this site a must see.


Mikhail Sipovich is the driving force behind Colours of Football, an extensive archive of kits from over 60 different countries. Pouring through new releases year after year to create new images, he has ensured that the site has become a household name amongst hobbyists.


Our friend Thomas over at My Umbro Jersey Collection is the go-to guy for anything involving Umbro tops; he has an amazing collection and we urge anyone even remotely interested in good design to have a rummage around!


Want to see what the global shirt collectors fraternity is capable of? Visit oldfootballshirts and find shirts photographed by countless of people from around the world, curated by Seagulls fan Phil and web chap Mark.


Believe it or not, but there are other sports out there besides football! Where the other sites listed here are dedicated to what the North Americans call soccer, The Unofficial NHL Uniform Database, written and illustrated by Andrew M. Greenstein, provides a wonderful look into the history of American and Canadian ice hokey teams from the NHL. Definitely a good place to cool down when you need a break from footy.


Do you have a site of your own on football shirts or other relevant material? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to feature you in this section.