Life is no fun without encountering resistance along the way; one’s struggle can only taste sweet at the end when a sufficient number of obstacles have been conquered along the way. As such, Club 25 is spicing up her existence with a set of challenges.

Simply put, we are setting ourselves goals that, with enough sweat and tears, may be clinched in the not-so-distant future. Some are already close to completion thanks to the baseline collection the site started out with, with others being far from completion. Together with our readers, we hope to scale new heights and bring this inaugural set of Challenges to a good end.

Doing the 92

(In)Famous the world over, this challenge involves collecting a home or away top of every single English Football League clud, be they Premier League title contenders or candidates for the National League trapdoor! With the elite club of 92 (20 teams in the Prem, 24 in each tier of the Football League) switching out at least two members per season, we are taking the 2016/2017 set of clubs as our goal. Matchworn kits have our preference, but signed or simple authentic replicas suffice too; all shirts are eligible here;

Completion status; 65/92

Lowland Deluxe

With the Club 25 HQ situated in the Netherlands, it only makes sense to include a challenge specifically geared towards Dutch clubs. With the exception of ‘Jong’ teams (reserve and youth sides), 35 professional sides have their kits eligible to be entered. We prefer matchworn, but signed or otherwise, we are already close to fullfilling this particular Challenge;

Completion status; 34/35 (missing MVV Maastricht)

Pie & Bovril

Inspired by our friends over at Pie & Bovril, the biggest fansite and forum for Scottish football, we present the eponymous P&B Challenge. With the world’s eyes firmly focused on their southern neighbours, Scottish clubs receive much less attention than they deserve. From the SPL all the way down to the Scottish League 2, 42 clubs (12 in the Prem, 10 in each of the three divisions below it) have their home and away tops eligible for this challenge. We’re going for broke (that being matchworn), but all types apply!

Completion status; 16/42


Did you know Club 25 was stationed in Singapore at one time? Honest truth; our editor-in-chief visited all the local stadiums and league clubs there, including derelict venues and defunct teams that once graced the top tier. Falling in love with the people of Singaporean football, this Challenge goes out to all of you in the Little Red Dot! But in a twist, we are going for two categories here; finding a top from each (Senior, non-reserve, non-merger) club to have ever graced the S.League, and becoming the biggest collection of Singapore shirts out there! We already have two matchworn tops here, more to follow;

S.League Club Completion status; 10 out of 17
Total Shirts completion; 17 out of ∞

Euro Roadtrippin’

Ever felt like seeing all the sights in Europe? Why not follow us along on this challenge, which entails collecting a shirt (home or away) from each and every single member of UEFA? While not all members are a geographical part of the continent, Club 25 does not discriminate, and as such, we look forward to welcoming kits from Iceland and Israel, from Portugal and Kazakhstan, and every country inbetween!

Completion status; 16 out of 55