About Us

Club 25 was originally conceived of in late 2016 when its founder was living in Singapore. Seeing and experiencing the unbridled passion of other footballshirt collectors for their shared hobby inspired him to contribute and give back to the many individuals that make up the global collector fraternity.

Sick of the incomplete and shallow coverage and archival of footballshirts on existing sites, Club 25 was formed in early 2017 to go above and beyond the usual standard of displaying kits online; each shirt is different and comes with its own story and intricacies, which our contributors hope to fully reveal through regular blogposts. Expect close looks at shirts from across the world, with background information on sponsors, introductions to clubs, historical reviews of player squads and league seasons, and much, much more as we grow in size and experience.

Ultimately, we hope to become a multi-site destination for lovers and connoiseurs of shirts, jerseys, kits, and tops; you can already¬†Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, and may find some of our shirts on sites such as oldfootballshirts.com. We are also long-time contributors and researchers for historicalkits.co.uk, and highly urge you to visit both Phil and Mark’s extensive archives and Dave Moor’s incredible database of British shirts.

While Club 25 boasts an extensive backlog of shirts that have been categorized and are ready for review, we humbly ask for the help of our contributors. Do you have footballshirts lying around the house that you no longer use and wish to donate? Get in touch with us, and we will reimburse the postage costs to take them off your hands. Each donation will be reviewed and listed online with our trademark in-depth analysis within seven days of receiving it.

If you feel you can contribute in a different way (quality content, website improvements, etc.) please also do get in contact with us. One of our punters will reply to your message within 24 hours of receiving it, guaranteed.