Video Special; Brothers in Sports visit Club 25 Football

Where our readers have come to expect in-depth, overly detailed articles about individual shirts from us, Club 25 Football is incredibly proud to bring you an actual video special this week, with Dutch media publication Brothers in Sports coming round C25F’s HQ to film a short segment on some familiar shirts.


Apart from taking a closer look at our ‘Hall of Shame’, we had the pleasure of highlighting the stories behind our Edinburgh City, Hougang United, and NK Jadran Dekani shirts in front of BiS’ cameras, with the Editor-in-Chief on duty as spokesperson.

The bits we filmed regarding the site itself unfortunately didn’t make the cut for this 4 minute 30 second romp through football fashion, but our humble abode hardly needs an introduction anyway, considering our visitors come out in droves every week for a new article.

Rest assured that we will return to our regular article-schedule next week (with Hougang United’s 2018 shirt up for review!), but for now, we hope you enjoy this different look at what we do and what we are all about! Just as a reminder, we’ll link the articles for the three main shirts so as to jog your memory ahead of seeing them on film;

Hougang United 2016 Home Shirt

Matchworn Edinburgh City 2016/2017 Home Shirt

NK Jadran Dekani 2017/2018 Home Shirt

Now, without any further stalling the video itself! Subtitles are available if they aren’t on by default for you;

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