Arbroath FC 2016/2017 Home & Away Shirts

If we had to think of a snappy social media quote to use for our Twitter or Facebook pages, we’d probably decide on ‘Lower League is bae <3’ with a load of useless emoticons stuck to both sides. Despite sounding horribly trashy, it would certainly be apt for this week’s content, as we’re taking a closer look at both the Home and Away top for Arbroath FC, a title contender in the Scottish League 2;


As we’re going to introduce two kits today, both of which in use by the same club this season, things are going to a little bit different as we can make some direct comparisons between both. First up is the Home shirt, as seen above, which has been retained from Arbroath’s 15/16 League 2 campaign; it mirrored the template of the black/maroon Away top in use back then (the club typically rotate either the home or away shirt each season so fans don’t have to buy two new kitties every year).

While we are unsure whether this is standard or a fault in manufacturing, our Medium sized top came with rather short sleeves that were sewed on parallel to the body of the shirt. This results in a somewhat awkward fit, which is an incredible shame for such an imaginative top, with two asymmetric running across the torso and terminating on the shoulder and underneath the armpit.


The attractive navy and yellow Away shirt was new for the 16/17 campaign in one of supplier Pendle’s new designs, and is quite the stunner; with the collar and sleeve trim already picked out in bright yellow, two vine-like lines elevate the design to an attractive standard.


Both tops are proudly sponsored by MegaTech Projects who see their circular logo and wordmark return for a fourth succesive season, having been with the club since the 14/15 campaign. While unremarkable from a distance, the logo is actually made up of a bunch of hands, which grasp one another by the palm to form a neat circle. This mirrors the cooperative work MegaTech does in the railway sector.


Picked out in white and yellow on both tops is the almost triangular logo of Pendle, a British sportswear firm with 39 years of history and experience under its belt and a ton of major and minor clubs in its portfolio, including Scottish League 1 boys Alloa Athletic.

Of further note is that both shirts use the same embroidered Arbroath rest; the recognizable portcullis is taken from the town’s heraldic coat of arms and represents the entrance of Abroath Abbey, with an imaginative font for the club’s name evoking the waves of the nearby North Sea. It would’ve been interesting to see it rendered in navy and yellow on the away top, but is pleasingly traditionalist as it stands.

As tops from the lower leagues are typically hard to source when your HQ is abroad, one may have wondered how Club 25 procured these two shirts;


Our faithful readers may have become increasingly familiar with the editor-in-chief’s ugly distinct face, while Abroath supporters will immediately recognize the terracing and pitch seen from the Pleash End at Gayfield Park, the team’s home stadium located on the North Sea coast (which has resulted in many a football being lost at sea and quite a hefty breeze running through the stadium, as evidenced by the away top refusing to hold still for a good picture).

Indeed, as part of our Scottish Easter trip (which previously yielded our Matchworn Edinburgh City 2016/2017 Home Shirt) we stopped by the club for the League 2 match v. Edinburgh City on the 15th of April 2017. An injury time goal by Bryan Porteous clinched the game for the Citizens, 0 to 1, and left Arbroath one point adrift of league leaders Forfar Athletic (who were pipped by neighbours Montrose that same day), but the fans’ unwavering support for the team and incredible warmth and hospitality towards us as foreign visitors left a lasting impression. That’s why we hiked down the stands to the club shop, where a 50% off sale was ongoing for both tops. 36 Quid later, and we were proud owners of the Home and Away top.


Returning to the kits, it’s interesting to note two distinctions between both; for one, the Pendle logo is embroidered on the Away, where it is heat pressed on the Home. While it is not clear why this was done, we suspect Pendle switched its M.O. from heatpressing to embroidery during the run up to the 16/17 season, which explains the discrepancy between the year old and new kit.

EDIT; We were totally wrong; after getting in touch with the good folks at Pendle on Twitter, we learnt that their logo is embroidered on all stock items, but heat pressed on tops that have been exclusively designed for the receiving customer clubs! An interesting distinction that can help punters identify whether their club’s kit is from the Pendle catalogue or specially commissioned.

Additionally, the Away shirt has a novel trim down both sleeves, consisting of a yellow line with a stripe running down the forward facing half before dropping off to the back (which reminds us of a field hockey stick).


The backs of both shirts are adorned by the Scottish saltire and, the web address for the eponymous chartered accounts with offices in Dundee, Montrose, and Arbroath.


The away template adds just a small extra sprinkling of colour, with the two yellow panels found on the front running alongside the sponsor (which is an effective way of drawing the eye upwards in the absence of a number and player’s name).

Overall, two good shirts that will sadly be retired at the end of the season (the new strips, in maroon/white and black/maroon are already on display in the club shop). They nonetheless make fine additions to our kit hamper, and are veritably pleasant to wear (even if the sleeves on the home top leave something to be desired, although this does seem to be an manufacturing incident only affecting ours). As the club still has a number of these in stock in varying sizes, we happily urge all readers and punters to go down to Gayfield next Saturday (29/04/17) for the club’s final home game of the season, cheer on the Red Lichties, and get their hands on a shirt or two. Alternatively, consider buying them from the club’s online shop.

As for us here at Club 25? We’ll just continue dreaming of those delicious steak & black pudding pies served underneath the main stand….

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Our thanks go out to the Edinburgh City fans for taking us along to Gayfield, as well as to Arbroath club officials for their hospitality. Further plaudits are in order for the Pendle social media team  for correcting us on their logo!


Steak pie on the left, steak & black pudding centre, mince on the right. Highly recommended with a cup of Bovril!


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